Crime Detection

Our AI can automatically detect crime taking place in real time using computer vision. The AI can detect crime such as theft, harassment, physical flights, and a lot more, and alert the authorities immidiately.

Furthermore, our AI is always learning about new crimes, and thus improving over time.

Women Safety

Our AI specifically keeps an eye out for suspected criminals and alerts the authorities in case they are lurking around women.

The AI shares the location and the whereabouts of the suspect, irrespective of where or not they are carrying a mobile phone, with the relavent authorities. This enables faster and more effective action against criminals.

Tracking of Suspected Criminals

Using a list of suspected criminals, we can track his moments, who he is meeting, where he is going, etc. We can also trigger if he changes his pattern, or does something suspicious.

Detailed analytics of every single suspected criminal is available at the fingertips of the relavant authorities.